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I came late that day.There was nobody in except for the assisting coach.I never liked him anyway, but had to ask him about the exercisesto improve my back muscles. He willingly offered me his help.I began to work hard with the trainers. The coach was all the timeby my side assisting me at any possible occasion. Back thenI could feel his tight male grip, rough hands sticking into my back.An hour has passed and I went to the dressing room. I was takinga shower when suddenly the coach burst inside. He was…naked.He punched me with all his force. I collapsed on the floor unconscious.The sensation of a solid meat-loaf ramming my ass brought me back tomy senses. I tried to break loose…No way, I was tied up.
I always liked baths. Me and the lads, hot chicks, beer.I always look forward to go out to a bath. But that dayturned out to be a true nightmare. It all began as usual.Everybody got tight. We called the girls and they were aboutto get to our place in no time. I went out to meet them.Back there in the dressing room I was slowly putting myshirt on when 2 masked men rushed in. They had knivesand looked hostile. They put a knife against my throatand forced me to suck their cocks. But it was only thebeginning of a 2-hour fucking madness…
I heard the doorbell ringing.It was already half past ten in the eveningand I wondered who might that be.I heard a male voice from behind the door.He said there was something wrong with the water.The neighbors called for the sanitary technician.It seemed to be something wrong with my culverts.At least that was what he told me.I opened the door and immediately felt on the ground.He pushed it with great power and it hit my forehead.Man, it hurt. But it hurt much more when he thrusted is rock-hard cock right into my virgin ass…
I was on my way to the supermarket whenthose 2 came from nowhere. First they asked meto come along, but once I refused they punched mein the stomach and dragged into their car.I don’t know where and for how long we were driving,but once the car stopped they tore my jeans off. My2 pink buns were fully exposed. I felt embarrassed atfirst, but embarrassment faded away in several seconds.My face turned pale as I felt a huge male cock pushingdeep inside my ass…
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